Investigation & Customer Surveying Services

* Surveying
JP collects and analyzes a range of information requests. We carry out a variety of surveys to help companies achieve sound development. JP has been engaged in the survey business for more than 50 years, during which time we have drawn on our networks as a Total Security Company and have achieved an exceptional level of customer trust.

* General Research/Investigation
We conduct research and investigation designed to prevent crises in corporate activity and to facilitate solutions. We survey a wide variety of topics, including employee breach of trust; appropriation; legal action; labor-management issues; information leaks; corporate blackmail; business partner assets; specified individuals; infringement of intellectual property rights; stalker solutions, etc.

* Corporate Credibility Research
We conduct surveys on target companies engaged in industry reorganization such as M & Afs. Internal investigation in preparation for corporate acquisitions, mergers and buyouts; investigation of employment records; business partner/rival company cash management; internal strife: personal affairs of the representative, etc.

* Individual Credibility Survey
We conduct research to provide information on personal credibility, employment history and so on. We investigate individuals on behavior, job history , marriage, address, finances, personal affairs, identity and lifestyle, workplace, abilities, special characteristics, etc.

* Special Research/Investigation
We conduct many individual services to meet your needs, including wiretap discovery, seal true/false evaluation, investigation into debt contents, stalker accusations, etc.