Security business

Comprehensive security services. Our services cover not only commercial but also residential security and individuals

šGeneral Security: Peacekeeping, manned guarding, patrolling, traffic control, etc.
We provide security for government buildings, local governments, companies, plants, warehouses, schools, hospitals, distribution facilities, hotels, event venues, parking lots, etc. For companies, schools hotels, and distribution facilities, our security personnel are stationed on site 24 hours a day to protect not only human life but also facility safety.
Japan Protection also offers services combining crime prevention equipment and specialized manned security ensuring that total security encompasses every aspect. Addressing crime and disaster prevention using both hardware and software, our security packages completely meet our clients' needs

šRemote Control Security
We set up security equipment at facilities and other locations, which sends security personnel immediately in the instance of any unusual occurrences. We offer automated security systems for offices and home security systems for residences. Our systems are a highly effective combination of both human resources and the latest equipment: Upon receipt of an abnormal signal by our centralized monitoring system from one of the various types of sensors set up in buildings, we dispatch security personnel to the site immediately to deal with the problem. Our integrated building disaster prevention systems, featuring 24 hour monitoring online by our control center at Head Office, further adds to the overall effectiveness of our system.

šSpecial Program Security
Personal security; security for transport of precious metals and/or cash; corporate protection, and more. To ensure personal safety, personal security is provided to individuals or to organizations including companies where there is a perceived risk. To protect your assets, we send personnel experienced in transportation of cash, securities and more.

š Information / Global-Scale Information Gathering
Due to dramatically rapid globalization and networking, thorough information management is required to address more innovative high-tech crime, personal information leaks, etc.

šProposing Closed-circuit Television(CCTV)/ Self Defense items